On-Site Calibration

On-site calibration services are provided for flow measurement test stands by FSI Calibrations. FSI Calibrations is the culmination of over ten years of experience by Flow Systems in the field of flowmeter calibration. Calibration services for all test stands are recommended to be performed annually or semi-annually. This service includes pressure transducer and temperature sensor calibration as well as flow audits using highly accurate master sonic nozzles, Coriolis meters, or other flow standards brought to site. Also included is a check of the operation, functionality and maintenance of each unit and verification of the system’s accuracy and repeat-ability.

All calibrations are traceable to National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) standards. Calibration service is also available for sonic nozzles, Venturis, Flow Computers and Controllers.


Custom Test Stand Development

Utilizing expertise in test stand development and software customization, Flow Systems has developed a variety of custom systems for customers in addition to the standard test stand models offered. Customers can request a completely custom system or a customized variant of a standard product.

Software Customization & Integration

Flow Systems test stands, flow computers, and flow controllers are managed by sophisticated controller software based on a National Instruments Labview platform. These software applications integrate flow measurement, flow-rate control, test scheduling, and real-time and historical reporting.

Flow Meter Design & Fabrication

Flow Systems designs and manufactures a variety of flow meters including: Sonic Nozzles (critical flow Venturis)ASME Flow Nozzlessubsonic Venturis, and orifice meters. In addition, customized fixturing options can be fabricated to connect custom equipment with Flow Systems products.

Field Engineering Services

Flow Systems field engineering services are available to assist clients in periodic verification of their component or systems calibration, repeat-ability, software functionality and/or overall performance. Other services include installation of system upgrades including hardware and software, custom modifications, retrofits, trouble-shooting, maintenance, system diagnostics and correction.


Critical flow measurement and/or flow testing classes are available for various group sizes, onsite at the customer's facility or at Flow Systems in Berthoud, Colorado. Other training services include flow bench operator training, flow stand software and hardware functionality and routine maintenance.


Engineering services are available to assist clients to better understand, design or improve their flow measurement processes, test specifications, or results. Flow Systems is also available to provide detailed project design and analysis services as well as equipment recommendations and custom project solutions.