Flow Systems, Inc.

220 Bunyan Avenue
Berthoud, CO. 80513 USA

Phone: (970) 532-0617
Toll-Free: (800) 466-3569 (USA only)
Fax: (970) 532-0748

Email: info [at] flowsystemsinc [dot] com

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What We Do

We design, manufacture, and support flow measurement components and integrated test systems. From individual flow meters to complete test systems that can easily integrate with your information systems, we produce the full range of products for flow measurement and control.

  • Founded in 1986
  • Located in Berthoud, Colorado
  • Primarily serve the aerospace, automotive, energy, metrology, pharmaceutical, and oil & gas industries
  • Over 20 employees, mostly engineering and field support staff
  • Global customer base, primarily in the United States, United Kingdom, central Europe, & China
  • Design and build air and water test stands, flow computers, and flow meters

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