Welcome to Flow Systems Inc., your trusted partner for comprehensive flow measurement solutions. As industry leaders, we design, manufacture, and support a diverse range of flow measurement components and integrated test systems. From sonic nozzles to air test stands, our products ensure accurate measurements for gases and liquids. With a commitment to excellence and unmatched expertise, we deliver tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Explore our wide range of products, access valuable resources, and contact our dedicated team for exceptional service and support. Experience precision and reliability with Flow Systems Inc.


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We design, manufacture, and support a wide range of flow measurement products for gasses and liquids. Find the one that fits your application.

Our Products


Vehicle Cabin Leakage

Determine which Body Leakage Test Stand will meet your measurement uncertainty and physical size requirements.

Compare Body Leakage Test Stands


Air/Gas Flow


We manufacture sonic nozzles (critical flow Venturis) as stand-alone flow meters in addition to system components to measure air/gas flow.


Sonic Nozzles

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