Jeff Scano – President
Education: BS Mechanical Engineering
Experience: Twenty-four years of professional experience in mechanical design engineering, computer-aided drafting,and manufacturing. General Management and overall plant operations experience in a production environment.
Professional: Member of ASME, SME, and E.I.T. Engineer in Training, E.I.T. Certification.

Kevin Riesenberger – General Manager
Education: Certified in Industrial Electricity, Electrical Schematics and Troubleshooting Circuitry
Experience: Twenty-one years in production, manufacturing, machining, wiring, systems integration, assembly, quality control and welding.

Eric Davenport – Vice President of Systems Engineering
Education: BS Computer Science Engineering
Experience: Eight years Inventory Controls Management. Sixteen years of experience in software engineering and system integration.
Professional: Certified LabVIEW® Developer.

Brad Sims – Director of Engineering
Education: BS Mechanical Engineering, MS Mechanical Engineering
Experience: Six years experience in application, system integration, modeling, calibration and uncertainty in the field of flow measurement and flow meters.
Professional: ASME Critical Flow Subcommittee Member and contributing author to ASME MFC-7 Critical Flow Standard, E.I.T. Certification.
Publications: “Back Pressure Ratio and the Transonic Resonance Mechanism of Low Unchoking in Critical Flow Venturis” Co-Author Flomeko 2016, “Choking Pressure Ratio Guidelines For Critical Flow Venturis and the Study of Diffuser Pressure Distribution,” Co-Author ISFFM 2015, “Choking Pressure Ratio Guidelines For Small Critical Flow Venturis and the Effects of Diffuser Geometry,” Co-Author Flomeko 2013, “Aerodynamic Bicycle Helmet Design Using a Truncated Airfoil With Trailing Edge Modifications,” ASME IMEC 2011.

Daniel Monchak – Director of Marketing
Education: BS Mineral Engineering – Mathematics
Experience: Forty years of sales and marketing management, product management and application engineering of process equipment and process control instrumentation. Global sales, marketing and contractual management responsibilities including third party partnerships and alliances.
Professional: Member of Colorado School of Mines Alumni Association.
Patents: Apparatus and Method of Measuring the Flow Characteristics of a Slurry.

Andy Paliszewski – Sales Manager
Education: BS Industrial Engineering, MS Nuclear Engineering, MBA
Experience: Thirty years in power generation and renewable energy markets.  14 years at Siemens Energy Inc. in key roles serving the wind, steam and gas turbines markets.  Experience in nuclear, wind and gas turbine power plant operations and maintenance, power transmission and distribution and manufacturing.  Other companies include ABB, Thomas & Betts, Wind Tower Technologies, Ethos Distributed Solutions, Advanced Emissions Solutions and LogiLube in Technology, Market and Business Development roles.

Stacie Langley – Controller
Education: BS Accounting
Experience: Fifteen years of Corporate Accounting and Reporting experience in the semi-conductor industry. Five years cost accounting experience in the chemical manufacturing industry.

Gerald Kwan – Senior Technical Advisor
Education: BS Mechanical Engineering
Experience: Thirty-three years software design and programming. Twenty-five years design, manufacture, and installation of high accuracy flow meters and test measurement systems. Twenty years project management.

Jade Bond – Systems Quality Engineer
Education: BA Economics, Colorado State University
Experience: Eight years of complete Systems’ services including: integration, training, maintenance, repair, calibration, consultation, and customer relations supporting numerous global industries.

Tim Elsey – Senior Software Engineer
Education: BSE Computer Science
Experience: Eight plus years software engineering with LabVIEW®.
Professional: Certified LabVIEW® Architect.

Bingwei Li – Systems Integration Engineer
Education: BS Industrial Automation in Electrical Engineering, MS Automatic Control Theory & it’s Application in Electrical Engineering, MS Computer Networking in Computer Science.
Experience: Fifteen years working experience in software development and system integration.

Jeff Welch – Senior Mechanical Engineer/Designer
Education: BS Mechanical Engineering
Experience: 9 plus years experience in mechanical design engineering, 3D solid modeling, finite element analysis, race car engineering, data analysis, and computer-based numerical methods. 19 plus years experience in CNC machining, CNC programming, and related manufacturing. Experience in design and manufacturing for ASME Power Piping code compliance.
Patents: Coating for the Breakdown of Corona Effluents.

Lee Wright – Mechanical Designer
Education: Certificate in Computer Drafting and Design
Experience: Twenty-nine years mechanical design and detailing using AutoCAD software. Five years experience in flow test lab.

Carl Dierks – Mechanical Designer
Education: BA in Industrial Design
Experience: Thirty plus years experience in, Manufacturing, Mechanical design, Product development and Test equipment development. Additional experience including AutoCAD, Alibre Design and SolidWorks.

Jesse Brandt – Systems Integration Engineer
Education: B.S.M.E. Colorado School of Mines
Professional: E.I.T. Certified.