June 2015

Automotive Sector has been strong with the introduction of our 4th GEN Body Leakage Test Stand with one of the leading Auto Manufactures with shipments worldwide to their assembly plants.  FLOW SYSTEMS High Flow – Air Flow Test Stand sales for turbine engine component testing is our highest value machine and is showing potential  for shipping a record setting number of units this year.  This combination of market segments give us the opportunity to experience this good start to the year.  We look forward to combining the above with potential of two custom systems and some good components business for the remainder of the quarter.

March 2015

FLOW SYSTEMS has started the new year once again with good sales across all business units along with exciting products and services launching.  2014 saw record setting performance with good backlog entering into 2015.  New products introduced and rolled out in 2014 were the 4th GEN of Body Leakage Test Stands to a major auto manufacturer.  Installations are already completed in the USA and Mexico.  Also, introduced last year is our new MIL-C Liquid Test Systems for fuel nozzle testing of turbine engines.

June 2014

FLOW SYSTEMS continues to maintain the momentum that we have experienced from the beginning of 2014. Industrial Gas Turbine, Automotive and Component Markets remain strong. We will be completing three large component orders this summer and are looking forward to continuing a strong showing for this segment into the third quarter. Our new business continues to be a good mix of both domestic and international destinations.

International locations for this quarter include India, China, Algeria, UAE and Italy. The strong bookings this quarter will result in another record breaking event for both Q2 and the first half of 2014. We continue to see good potential and opportunities moving forward to the third quarter.

April 2014

Flow Systems, Inc. has experienced a great start to the new year 2014 in both Systems and Component
Sales. A new record for Q1 bookings in the history of the company has been set. Purchase Orders include
Power and Aircraft Turbine Engine component test systems, Automotive test systems (both international and
domestic), and good component sales both to international and domestic destinations. International
destinations include Italy, Poland, Vietnam, Nigeria, China and Taiwan. We look forward to continue this
momentum into the second quarter and through the remainder of 2014.

February 2011

    Single Hole Air Flow Measurement Announcement

Flow Systems will again display our next generation of flow measurement technology – the Single Hole Air Flow Measurement at the SALA Conference in East Hartford, CT in April 2011. This system utilizes our new LIEC technology – Low Impedance Exit Capture. Single Hole Air Flow Measurement will allow a turbine engine component part manufacturer to actually address the long known challenge of measuring the flow of individual holes rather than a group.

This generation is currently applied to flat plate coupons with automated positioning of the part to allow the LIEC probe to contact, seal and make a repeatable and accurate
mass flow measurement on an individual hole in a turbine engine component part.

Flow Systems is looking forward to the next step for positioning the LIEC probe via robotics to facilitate measurements of individual cooling holes in turbine parts.

Flow Systems (FSI) is excited to announce its partnership to continue development on its Single-Hole Flow Technology with LAI International, Inc., a strategic supplier of precision components and subassemblies for original equipment manufacturers. “Having worked with Darcy Dodge, V.P. of Strategic Markets and Products, LAI International, and the rest of the LAI International team for a number of years, we’ve come to appreciate and share their passion to be at the forefront of aerospace drilling technology,” Mike Carter, COO, FSI, said. Data below on LAI International’s test coupons shows Effective Area (Ae) measurements on 0.020-inch diameter holes drilled normal to the surface using electrical-discharge machining (EDM), waterjet and laser

Also, system reproducibility is shown through comparison to a Critical Flow Venturi. See our next steps at ASME-IGTI Turbo Expo in Vancouver, BC, June 6-10. Plans are
to have a live demonstration and present data on holes drilled 20 degrees to the part surface.

Go to LAIco.com for more information about LAI International.

January, 2011

    Successful 2010

Flow Systems had another successful year of sales in 2010, per COO Mike Carter. FLOW SYSTEMS moved into additional new International locations of Russia, Hungary, India and Nigeria with Test System packages for testing Turbine Engine component fuel nozzles.

    BLTS 2nd Gen ships to various locations around the world

Flow Systems continued its growing success with the Worldwide Automotive Market and shipped the BLTS 2nd GEN across the globe. Locations included: South American countries of Brazil and Argentina, Japan, Thailand and India. Other Automotive systems sales locations include China, Canada and USA.

December, 2010

    New Portable Test System (PATS) Debut

Flow Systems launched our next generation Portable Air Flow Test Stand (PATS) at the 2010 POWER-GEN in Orlando, FL.

The PATS allows for either bench top or robust travel case mounting. The unit holds up to (4) Sonic Nozzles and are auto selected by software design. This new design allows the user to connect to the equipment without removing components from the case.

Contact the factory for application evaluation and to receive a quotation.

April, 2010

    New Software Debut

Visitors to the SALA Conference April 15 & 16 will see a sneak peek of the newest software for our family of test stands. The new software design allows the user interface to be customized to the needs of each customer by applying a modular approach in regard to how and what information is displayed on the screen. A Test Configuration Wizard guides the user through the creation of new programs. By decreasing the number of steps between configuring, selecting, and starting the tests, testing software is now more efficient than ever.

February, 2010

    Major Orders

Major orders were placed by returning customers Horiba (Ann Arbor, Michigan), GTE-Gas Turbine Efficiency (Duncan, South Carolina) and Electrabel (Brussels, Belgium). Equipment purchased included Custom Venturis, Liquid Fuel Nozzle Test Stands, Custom Spray Chambers, Liquid Fixtures, Custom Controller Software and an FC200-PATS Portable AirFlow Test Stand.

January, 2010

    Record Sales for ‘09

Flow Systems achieved a monumental new record for annual sales in 2009. With a sales increase of more than 50% over previous years, the company welcomed more than 30 new clients, with a record number of new international customers, including: Aeroman (El Salvador), Bureau of Standards Jamaica, EGAT (Thailand), FORD Romania, GE France, Honeywell Mexico, Malaysian Advanced Refurbishment Services (SAPURA), MHI Yokohama (Japan), Piaggio Aero (Italy), Sichuan ChengFa Aero Science & Technology Co. (China), Siemens Shanghai, TNB Repair & Maintenance (Malaysia), Winbro Group Technologies (UK) and others.
A new sales record was also set in the service sector of Flow Systems business which includes annual calibration service, start-up and training services as well as consulting.

    Custom Water Stand Delivered

Flow Systems delivered a Coriolis Meter-based H2O Flow Stand designed to test water meters to the Bureau of Standards in Jamaica.

December, 2009

    Power Gen

Exhibiting at the annual Power-Gen show in Las Vegas, Nevada afforded Flow Systems the opportunity to meet new prospective customers as well as contact key established clients who were also exhibiting at the show. Power-Gen is also on the schedule of 2010 live events for Flow Systems.

November, 2009

    Improved Functionality

Additional software features that were formerly optional adders are now included as part of the Mini Flow Air Test Stand. The Test Scheduler (an automated test sequencer) and Internet Diagnostics (allows Flow Systems to remotely connect to a customer’s test system for trouble-shooting) are now standard features of the Mini Air Flow
Test Stand Software.

    Suction System Ordered

TCT-Turbo Combustor Technology in Stuart, Florida placed an order for a custom Suction Air Flow System designed to test Turbine Engine Combustion Liners.

October, 2009

    BLTS 2nd Gen ships to Mexico

Flow Systems again participated in the popular Automotive Testing Expo held each year in Novi, Michigan (near Detroit). A Body Leakage Test Stand 2nd Generation was slated to be on exhibit; however it was purchased and shipped to Ford CSAP in Cuatitlan, Mexico shortly before the expo. Other Ford facilities with this unit include: Ford Auto Alliance (Flat Rock, MI) Ford Research & Development (Dearborn, MI) and Ford Louisville Assembly (Louisville, KY). This is in addition to the nearly 30 original model Body Leakage Test Stands installed in Ford Assembly plants throughout the world.

September, 2009

    Annual Sales Surpass 2008

Chief Operating Officer, Michael Carter, was pleased to announce that as of September 30, 2009, Flow Systems had exceeded the total sales achieved in 2008, making 2009 the biggest sales year on record. “We’re excited to see how the 4th quarter turns out,” Carter said. “We’ve got a lot of new projects in the works.”

August, 2009

    Fluid Flow Measurement Symposium

The North American Fluid Flow Measurement Council was pleased to host the 7th International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement (ISFFM) that took place in Anchorage, Alaska on August 12-14, 2009. During the 7th ISFFM, industrial research laboratories, universities, government laboratories, and industrial field study teams presented information on a wide variety of research and technology topics associated with fluid Flow metering. Flow Systems was pleased to be a sponsor and exhibitor at this event.

    Liquid System Upgrade Available

Flow Systems is now offering as an adder a Spray Chamber / Recirculation System to accompany its Liquid (Water) Flow Test Stands. The chamber is an aluminum extrusion structure with transparent polycarbonate panels and a stainless steel sump pump with a capacity of 20 gpm @ 28 feet. Also included is a particulate filter, an oil absorbing filter, connecting equipment and an electronic smart relay control.

July, 2009

    New Second Quarter Sales Record

A new second quarter sales record was achieved this year, surpassing the former Quarter-2 record set in 2007. Flow Systems welcomed 8 new test stand orders from new international users as well as 1 domestic order. A large number of test stand components, fixtures and accessory packages were also purchased, as well as many component and service orders from long-time existing clients.

June, 2009

    Flow Systems display at Turbo Expo

Visitors to the ASME Turbo Expo in Orlando, Florida will be able to see the Flow Systems Portable AirFlow Test Station on display at Booth 606. A complete Flow test station, including plenum, custom fixture and turbine blade part are included.

    New Clients

System orders were placed by new clients CLP Power Hong Kong Limited and Sulzer Elbar Turbo Services (Netherlands).

April, 2009

    Record Sales First Quarter

Despite the economic turndown that many companies are currently facing, Flow Systems achieved a new sales record for the first quarter of 2009. This can be attributed to a number of factors, including a broad range of industries served, a large number of contracts awarded, and a broad base of national and international customers. Flow Systems’ twenty-three year history, a strong position in the marketplace, repeat orders from satisfied customers and a dedication to delivering quality orders on time are also significant factors.

    Flow Systems ships MEGA Flow

Flow Systems has supplied another large Flow requirement Air Flow Test System called a Mega Flow Test System to a significant client in South Carolina (USA).

    New Medium Flow Test Bench Debut

April saw the debut of the new Flow Systems Medium Flow Configuration Air Flow Test Stand. This bench offers complete, automated production and
high efficiencies of operation with a repeatability of ±0.25% and an accuracy of ±0.48%. The Medium Flow is designed for quality air Flow measurements of passages in both air craft and land based turbine engine components and features a single 2 ½” sanitary flange outlet port to connect to part plenums. Standard features include those of the High-Flow Configuration with a maximum of seven (7) nozzles and a turndown of 210:1. The Medium Flow offers best in class accuracy and repeatability, with maximum throughput and flexible testing for various turbine component applications.

March, 2009

    Flow Sytems working with C->CAT

Flow Sytems has supplied a Low Flow Configuration B Air Flow Test Stand for use by C-CAT (Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology) in their investigations of laser drilled cooling hole studies. Flow Systems will loan this system to CCAT as agreed to by Mike Carter, Chief Operating Office of Flow Systems and Paul Denny, Acting Director, Laser Applications Laboratory, CCAT.

    Next Generation Flaser at Solar Turbines

Solar Turbines in San Diego, California placed an order to improve their laser capabilities by replacing their older laser with a new DMG Laser and integrating into their tested Flow Systems Custom Flaser Machine which now has the capability of laser-cutting two separate combustion liners while Flow testing one simultaneously.

January, 2009

    2008 Year in Review

The Flow Systems team was excited to learn that in 2008 they surpassed the sales for any year in the company’s 22 year history. A record number of total orders were received, and a record number of onsite installations and calibration service visits were performed. “As more and more companies turn to Sonic-Nozzle based technology for their Flow measurement needs, we expect this growth trend to continue,” noted Flow Systems Chief Operating Officer Michael Carter.

    Expanded Facilities

Flow Sytems completed an expansion to their building this year. An additional 1,440 square feet was added to house a larger inventory room with additional storage space, as well as five new employee offices.

December, 2008

    ASME Committee Chair

After serving for two years as a member on the ASME sub-committee for Measurement of Gas Flow by means of Critical Flow Venturi nozzles ASME MFC-7M, Flow Systems Chief Operating Officer Michael Carter was elected as Chairman for this committee.

    New Clients, Orders

Many new clients have joined Flow Systems this year, including: Acucut Inc., Petro China West-East Gas Pipeline Company, Diamond GT Service, Electrabel, Nissan North America & Mexico, Paradigm Precision, PCC Structurals, Praxair Surface Technology and WSK Poland.

October, 2008

    BLTS 2nd Generation Launched

A smaller, more portable version of the popular test stand for the Automotive Industry, the Body Leakage Test Stand 2nd Generation has been developed in response to the demand for a compact unit with a lower Flow range– 10 to 350 SCFM instead of 100 to 800 SCFM as in the original model. The new unit provides Pressure,
Suction or Mass Flow Control within the Vehicle Under Test. Features include: Highly Repeatable Results and User-friendly Controller Software.

January, 2008

    2007 Year in Review

Flow Sytems Chief Operating Officer Michael Carter announced that 2007 sales maintained the same growth experienced by the company during the past few years. More than 28 systems and hundreds of component and service orders were placed by new and returning Flow Sytems customers. “Referrals and repeat orders are a large part of our success, as well as growth in the systems and service areas of our business. As the OEM, we strongly recommend Annual Calibration Service for all our Test Stands. This service includes Flow audits with Master Sonic Nozzles and NIST-traceable calibrations.”

October, 2007

    New MAFS System Launched

Flow Sytems now offers (3) three levels Automotive Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAFS) Test Stands, each utilizing state-of-the-art Sonic Nozzle technology for Flow measurement. Uncertainty, automation, and software functionality have been optimized for the best economy at each level. This system gives OEMs, their suppliers, and aftermarket performance shops accurate, repeatable, robust solutions for setting and measuring the mass Flow rate of air through Mass Air Flow Sensors (MAFS) and other induction components.

May, 2007

    Live Demo

Professionals in the Turbine Engine Industry are invited to visit Flow Systems at booth 217 in Montreal, Quebec for the annual ASME IGTI Turbo Expo, May 14 -17, 2007. A live demonstration of the Next Generation Portable AirFlow Test System (FC200-PATS) will be featured.

    New Clients, Orders

New clients came onboard with orders for three High Flow, one Liquid Flow and one Body Leakage Test Stand for clients including: GTE Technology (South Carolina) Doncasters (UK and Germany) and International Truck (Ontario, Canada).

April, 2007

    First Quarter Sales

First quarter sales included multiple component orders (Sonic Nozzles, Venturis, etc.) as well as major system orders for a Gas Flow Calibrator metrology system (Hill Air Force Base), a Low Flow Air Test Stand for Flow testing aircraft engine parts (GE AE) and an FC175 Flow Computer GM-MPG).

January, 2007

The Flow Systems team was excited to learn that in their 20th anniversary year (2006) they surpassed the sales for any year in the company’s 20 year history. A record number of total orders were received, and a record number of onsite installations and calibration service visits were also performed.

October, 2006

Flow Sytems invited automotive industry colleagues to visit them at the Automotive Testing Expo in Novi (Detroit) Michigan. Flow Systems provides a wide range of products for Automotive Applications including: vehicle cabin / auto body leak testing, and test systems for throttle chamber Flow, mass airFlow sensors, intake and exhaust manifolds, and emissions airFlow metering.

September, 2006

    Users Group

Attendees at the 2nd Annual Users Group Seminar were welcomed by Flow Systems and Colorado Engineering (CEESI) where classes and hands-on sessions were taught. Participants could select a full or half week of training, and some classes were closed early due to maximum capacity. Early registration is encouraged to ensure availability.

    New Clients, Orders

System orders were placed by new clients: KPS (Korea), Morris Technologies, Smiths Aerospace, Rolls-Royce (UK), GM-Shanghai, and GM-Milford Proving Grounds.

August, 2006

    Solar Turbines System Upgrade

A major order was placed by Solar Turbines (San Diego) for an upgrade to their Flaser Bench that was originally supplied by Flow Systems in 1995. Solar Turbines, a Caterpillar Company, presented Flow Systems with their President’s Quality Award to recognize their success as integral part of the Flaser Technology Quality Team.